Stars in Broad Daylight

Stars in Broad Daylight - Robert Samson
That age-old dilemma sends him to modern-day Germany, into the arms of a great Indian avatar, known as “Mother Meera.” She gives him the courage to forge ahead in his search for a cure, motivating him to undertake an experimental, highly-sought-after therapy in Italy. In due course, he is compelled to let go of everything he thought he knew and surrender to the terrifying path his life has put him on. Although he is shattered on every imaginable level, the transformation he undergoes opens the author to an ecstatic vision of wholeness that quite literally changes his life.
Stars in Broad Daylight is a gritty story of faith and love, told with wit and humor. Although it deals with weighty issues it is never depressing, owing to its upbeat tone, quick pace and fascinating characters. In many ways it is a more explicit version ofEat Pray Love that saw such phenomenal success in 2008.

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