O 039 Keeffe LaddertothemoonWhat is Psychological Astrology?

Psychological Astrology approaches the time-honored science of astrology with modern psychological and spiritual insights. It is essentially a map, or blueprint of your soul’s potential, created at the moment of your birth, which describes in detail your personal life journey. It reveals the ultimate meaning of why you came here, what your goals are, and how best to accomplish them. It also chronicles the timing of significant crises, events and transitions.

Does Psychological Astrology predict the future?

The focus of Psychological Astrology is not fortune telling. It is more concerned with processes of growth than with predicting isolated events. Therefore, psychological astrology is a way to put one’s life into perspective-to understand its meaning. It does concern itself with the timing of your soul’s growth. For example, a certain time period may be concerned with learning about equality in relationship. Many different kinds of relationship may present opportunities to learn about equality, so it is more about the meaning of a particular period than about forecasting which particular event will show up. Meaning allows us to digest experience by seeing how the individual events of a life comprise a bigger picture. Psychological astrology is a diagram of that big picture.

What about the question of free will vs. fate?

Freedom comes in choosing that which fulfills one’s greatest potential. The birth chart is a map of that potential in much the same way that a seed is a set of genetic instructions. No one can predict whether a specific seed will thrive or die, but we can predict what it is destined to become. Psychological Astrology is a blueprint of one’s destiny that depends on personal will and consciousness for its fulfillment.

How might Psychological Astrology be useful to me?

It is an extraordinary tool for understanding yourself on the deepest levels of your being, as well as a calendar for timing the important transitions in your life. It describes how you experienced your parents as well as what traits you have inherited from them, what you have accomplished in past lives and what challenges you have committed to in this life, financial prospects, mode of thinking and communicating, specific locations that resonate with your energy, unique gifts and talents, children, right livelihood, the kind of partner that is appropriate for you and what issues are likely to be evoked in relationship, travel, spiritual challenges and accomplishments, friendship, health, illness, death, loss and self-transcendence.

Is there anything for which Psychological Astrology is particularly suited?

Psychological Astrology is particularly adept at analyzing relationships, at how the energies of one person affect and interact with another-whether or not both people are energetically nourished by the union. It can help people understand why they have come together, and to grasp the hidden meaning of difficult periods, including their duration. It can even indicate if people have met before in a past life, and what issues remain unresolved.

Are you available for follow-up consultations?

The initial reading covers all the pertinent information revealed in your birth chart as well as significant Transits and Progressions operating around the time of the reading. Some people choose to return to work on specific issues presented in the reading, while others prefer to consult with me periodically-often around their birthday to assess the year ahead or during times of crisis.

What information is needed to create my chart?

Date of birth, Time of birth (as accurately as possible; check your birth certificate), Place of birth.

What is the cost?

Natal Chart Readings – $195
Follow-Up Readings – $175
Compatibility Charts – $195
Relocation Chart – $175

All sessions may be done by phone or in person. A tape of the session will be mailed to you after your appointment. Please have a list of pertinent questions prepared at the time of the session, and I will do my best to address all of them.
To book an appointment please call me at (323)928-2554 with your information.