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December 27, 2012

“Astrocartography” deals with how planetary energies impact real physical space. By projecting your birth chart onto a map of the earth we can see where planets are angular; angular planets  manifest concretely. Each chart is different. Just because you have a Sun line near Tucson doesn’t mean your partner will.

It’s remarkable how accurate “Astrocartography” can be. Relocation is one of the few ways we can impact the natal chart. For example, Jupiter may not have been angular where you were born, but by moving west you can make it so, taking advantage of its positive energy.

In one glance we can tell which locations are good for you (“power places”) and which are not (“energy sinks”) Generally speaking, it is best to live near Sun, Jupiter and Venus lines – this triumvirate deemed “the great benefics” of classical astrology. The question naturally arises, how close is close enough? I typically allow fifty miles on either side of a line as its sphere of influence. You’d be surprised how sensitive our bodies are to these energies even when our brains are not – similar to an internal GPS.

Before I knew anything about astrology, I had to pass through New Mexico on my way back to California from the East Coast. No sooner did we cross the state line than it felt like my vision had switched from black and white to technicolor! Subsequent trips failed to disappoint; each time I returned I felt the exact same jolt of energy when I entered New Mexico. It was only much later, when I learned that I had both a Sun and Jupiter line near Santa Fe, that it started making sense to me.

We are often drawn to travel to places near Sun or Jupiter lines. Not only do we feel more alive there, we have better luck; opportunities – be they for work or romance – seem to materialize with very little effort on our part.

Knowing this, why would anyone choose to live or travel to a negative place – places governed by Saturn, where they are forced to work twice as hard for half the pay; or Mars, where they confront direct opposition; places under the jurisdiction of Neptune, where drugs and alcohol seduce them; or Uranus, where the rug can be pulled out from under them; or places governed by Pluto, where criminal elements or life-threatening illness thrust themselves upon us? Simply put, we don’t always have a choice where life sends us, do we? And although we would never have consciously chosen suchplaces, I’ve seen positive things come out of living in negative places (For example, profound physical healing in Pluto places).

People request “Astrocartography” sessions when they are considering a move and need to choose between several locations. It reveals which planetary energies you can expect to confront in a new location. (For example, Venus places are good for meeting women as well as doing creative work.) The vast majority of places have no lines whatsoever; these spots are neutral. Neutral places are good because we aren’t pushed in a lopsided direction, but can spread our wings wherever spirit moves us. A typical session would focus on half-a-dozen locations.