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“Heart of the Galaxy”

November 1, 2012

Physicist and systems analyst, Paul LaViolette, Ph.D, gives compelling evidence in “Earth Under Fire” that contradicts the old paradigm of the galactic core as a gigantic black hole. With data from recent astronomical observations, polar ice core measurements and new geological findings, LaViolette establishes the center of our galaxy as an “outee” rather than an “innee” – a super-powerful wave propagator. These galactic super-waves blast out from the galactic core (located in between Scorpio and Sagittarius) towards the outer reaches, unleashing a barrage of cosmic rays and dust particles that eventually affect our solar system via the sun in the form of severe solar storms. As we are learning, solar storms or “coronal mass ejections,” can have a profound affect on orbiting satellites, and when strong enough, the entire global power grid. Whether the outcome is the growth of ice sheets, producing global ice ages, or the melting of icebergs, causing a rise in sea levels and in turn, global flooding (what seems to be happening now) depends on several factors. Truth be told, not only earth is warming up; all the other planets are warming up as well. (The last time I checked, there were no SUV’s on Venus or Saturn spewing clouds of carbon!)

Between December 21st and 23rd of this year the polar axis of the earth will be maximally aligned away from the crossing point of the ecliptic (plane of the earth’s orbit around the sun) and the plane of the galaxy, an event that occurs once every 13,000 years. Mayan lore associates this crossing point with a violent cosmic birth. Setting aside for a moment the much-discussed mythology and its contradictory meanings, (“End Times” or “Renaissance”) the period between the 21st and 23rd positions our planet in direct line with the “Heart of the Galaxy.” This in itself is out of the ordinary. Whether or not it will trigger an acceleration of cosmic awareness, genetic mutations, “The Rapture,” global cataclysms or nothing at all remains to be seen. If, however, the core of the galaxy is the violent cauldron Dr. LaViolette claims it is, our planet has been and will continue to be directly hit by extremely powerful energies – both in the visible and invisible areas of the spectrum (super-intense x-rays) — over the next several years, leading me to focus  more on long-term processes (between 2011 and 2020) than on short-term “windows” such as 12/21/12, that I predict will turn out a lot like “Y2K” (“tempest in a teapot”)

There is a rare and auspicious planetary formation affecting the entire planet on December 21st called a “Yod” or “Finger of God” in which Jupiter, the planet of positive growth (think “Ganesh”) quincunxes (an angle of 150 degrees) both Saturn, the “Reality Principle,” and Pluto (“Shiva,” as destroyer and transformer) With each planet at precisely eight degrees of its respective sign, this is a tight and powerful “Yod,” suggesting that the way forward (Jupiter) can only be attained by realistically (Saturn) embracing change, some of which will be destructive, cathartic and deep, (Pluto) the end result being entirely new paradigms. (Jupiter in Gemini)

2013 promises to be every bit as unpredictable as this year has been owing to the continued square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn — exact next June and November. As discussed in other columns, this combination speaks about the sudden collapse of the “Old Guard,” the death of any and all entrenched systems (governments, economies, religions) that have outlived their usefulness because they no longer express the  “zeitgeist,” the spirit of the times (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Burma). Expect these revolutions to regroup and redefine themselves in the year ahead, as none has attained a modicum of stability.

Since 2008, Pluto has “done a number” on the U.S. Natal Venus and Jupiter (by opposition) resulting in the worst recession since the Great Depression. As Pluto moves beyond Venus in the U.S. chart, it begins its assault on the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer. Pluto’s opposition to the U.S. Sun will begin in February of next year and continue until January of 2016 – coinciding exactly with Obama’s second term in the White House. What does this portend?

The Sun in any chart represents the myth by which the entity defines itself; thus, Pluto opposite the U.S. Sun speaks of a deep, possibly convulsive transformation of what our country stands for.  At the time of this writing, 30 states are hosting active secession movements, and although none has succeeded yet, the issue of the “United States” vs. “The Sovereign States” — whether or not the federal government can continue to administer to the needs of the states or if that would be better done by the states themselves — will gain momentum over the next four years. States are already implementing their own laws and policies (carbon emission standards in California) in cases where the federal government cannot find the will to do so.

Nothing has changed in the House of Representatives, nor has the Republican Party showed any real willingness to compromise, this despite historic losses in the recent election. If anything they are becoming even more entrenched. Eventually something’s got to give. When the catalyst involves Uranus and Pluto in a stressful aspect, (a square or ninety degrees) you can bet that the outcome will be unpredictable.

Pluto opposite the U.S. Sun could also manifest as an assassination attempt on the President. The fact that Saturn will square Obama’s Leo Sun almost all of next year adds further danger. This is one of those cases where being right is the “booby prize;” I pray for the safety of his family.

With Saturn in Scorpio for the next two-and-a-half years, the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will be most impacted. Saturn is the stern teacher. He invariably devises a test by which you are compelled to take a deeper look at yourself without rose-colored glasses – kind of like the moment when they call “last call” at the bar and turn on the lights, exposing you in all your drunken glory. Not pretty! Saturn is the great leveler, making us see what is real vs. what’s just illusion. We all have them.

In closing I’d like to mention that I recently moved back to Santa Fe, (for the third time and hopefully for good) grateful to be there. As always, you can reach me via my website ( or email ( or phone at (505)467-8234 to set up a time for a reading. I will do my best to answer your questions. Remember, you can get through any challenge if you know what it means and how long it will last. This is what astrology has always been good at (In addition to compatibility readings and relocation charts) I send you my best wishes for peace, prosperity and health in the New Year.