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Pluto’s opposition to Venus and Jupiter in the U.S. chart tore back the veil on the financial shenanigans that nearly wrecked the economy in 2008. Remarkably, the same people that presided over the Fed leading up to the crisis (Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner) were welcomed back into the Obama Administration to facilitate the massive bailout, the result being that banks that were “too big to fail” at seven billion four years ago have gone on to become “too big to fail” at nine billion today.

“Crony-Capitalism” (Running to the Fed when investments turn sour) has triumphed over “Market Capitalism.” (Allowing the market to correct itself; no bonuses for under-performing CEO’s, etc.) “The system isn’t broken, it’s fixed,” chant the Occupy Movement, as anonymous “Super-Packs” funnel astronomical sums into lobbying and political campaigns, Republican and Democratic alike. Instead of radical surgery to cut out the rot, the Obama administration threw a bone at regulatory reform, and the split between Main Street and Wall Street grew from a fissure into a canyon. Aside from a few sacrificial lambs (Madoff) the perpetrators remain unnamed and unprosecuted.

Nevertheless, Pluto continues its inexorable campaign through the mid-degrees of Capricorn, where it will oppose the U.S. Sun at 13 Cancer, (Feb. 2013 — Dec. 2015) guaranteeing that whoever is elected in November will be defined by this powerful transit in ways that are even more profound and far-reaching than Pluto opposite Venus or Jupiter ever was — hardly a walk in the park.

The Sun in any chart, whether it’s a nation or an individual, is the nexus of power and identity. When Pluto opposes the Sun, it sets in motion a healing crisis of such transformative scope that what eventually survives hardly resembles what it once was. And yet without such a crisis, the organism would eventually collapse from its own disease.

I call the coming Pluto opposition a “crisis of legitimacy.” Information will enter the public domain that will make it impossible to continue ignoring the gulf between the government we think we have, as enshrined in the Constitution, and the government we actually have. In the same way Pluto revealed the darker side of the “American Dream of Hearth and Home,” so too will it puncture the “Bubble of American Democracy” by revealing how “the powers that be” have lied to the public on a regular basis… Here is a small sampling:

1. “Disclosure:” Irrefutable presence of alien life on this planet that has been here for millennia. What really happened at Roswell. Eisenhower’s face-to-face with alien representatives and his prescient warning about the “military-industrial complex.”

2. “Black Budget:” Trillions of dollars funneled into secret projects by the CIA without Congressional oversight (underground military bases, the secret space program, etc.) Rumsfeld’s blithe admission that 1.3 trillion has “gone missing” from the Pentagon budget.

3. “War on Drugs:” How the CIA controls the import and distribution of drugs and drug money; why drugs will never be eradicated or legalized.

4. “9/11:” For anyone who thinks he knows what happened that day, do yourself a favor and watch “Loose Change,” (available on YouTube or via Netflix) a sobering documentary on the inconsistencies and downright lies in the report of the 9/11 Commission.

5. “Bilderberg Group:” A trans-national coterie trusted to implement the policies of the military-industrial elite (Rockefeller, Rothschild, Windsor, etc.)  This mega-powerful elite chooses presidents and prime ministers — not the people.

6. “Big Pharma:”  Did you know the boards of big media conglomerates are populated by CEO’s from the pharmaceutical industry, guaranteeing special placement for a constant supply of meds as they come down the pipeline? They’ve got the public in the palms of their hands to the extent that people ask their doctors for the meds.

As if the Pluto opposition weren’t enough, the Progressed Sun in the U.S. chart, at 7 degrees Pisces, is currently squaring Progressed Uranus at 7 Gemini. This is just another indicator of fundamental change and shifts in paradigm for the “idea of American Democracy,” which will no doubt be elaborately dramatized in the upcoming presidential campaign as a struggle between divergent visions of how we see ourselves and whose vision of America will triumph.

The U.S. Progressed Ascendant at 0 degrees Virgo opposite Neptune at 0 Pisces gives me reason to be guardedly optimistic. Although Neptune is famous for illusion and deception, (And who would argue that the way ahead appears anything but straight and narrow?) Neptune is very powerful in Pisces, giving it the chance, at least, to function on a higher frequency — the octave of “faith in a higher wisdom,” in the spiritual principles by which this country was founded. This is the “all seeing eye” on the back of the one dollar bill, and the phrase, “Novus Ordo Seclorum.” “A new order of the ages.” Indeed. That’s exactly what’s at stake here.