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The recent wave of uprisings in the Middle East are a kind of prelude or trailer for the feature that, for lack of a less-overused title, I’ll call “2012,” but forget all the apocalyptic stuff that’s been erroneously associated with the end of the Mayan calendar. Mass movements are governed by the interplay between the outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – though the current culprits are, like they were in the 60’s, Uranus and Pluto. Back then, Uranus and Pluto joined forces in Virgo; now they are squaring one another in Aries and Capricorn (90 degrees apart, the most stressful and potentially destructive of planetary relationship because the planets are in uncomplimentary elements).

Uranus at its core is the urge for liberation. In Aries the urge takes up arms to battle the forces of oppression. Many of the protesters in Tahir Square expressed a defiant willingness to die for their cause, refusing to compromise at all costs. Pluto is the force of evolution:  Life, death, transformation and rebirth. In Capricorn, the most entrenched of all the earth signs, power has grown sclerotic in the hands of the “Old Guard.” (Mubarek, Kadaffi, but more generally, any government’s inability to adapt to the needs of the times, as seen in Wisconsin.)

So the clash between Uranus and Pluto is, quite literally, a revolution:  The masses rising up to change the course history by toppling the old regimes, in this case, aided and abetted by new modes of technology. (Neptune is just now completing 14 years in the sign of Aquarius, which is all about technology.) If you were around for the 60’s and thought those times were chaotic, buckle your seat belts! While much of it is focused “over there” in the Middle East,” it by no means will continue to be confined there.

The reason:  Underlying the legitimate grievances of the people and their heartfelt desire to have a say in their government (democracy), is the very real, very scary rise in food prices. Global grocery bills are hitting the poor most of all and planting the seed of political unrest. When you can’t feed your family anymore you have nothing left to lose. You take to the streets.

While the U.S. and Western Europe has experienced a relatively mild rise of 7%, (at the time of this forecast gas prices in California are nearing $4.00/gallon; many say they will hit $5.00 by Memorial Day) the cost of food in Brazil and Russia has risen 25-30%; in Egypt, Tunisia, India and China, between 35-40%; in Indonesia 43%; and in Pakistan a whopping 46%! Forces are currently at work on a global reduction in population by controlling the distribution of food. Guess who’s going to get the short end of the stick? You got it, the poor! (Where did I get this information? If you contact me, I’d be more than happy to reveal my sources.)

Although it feels like every day there’s a new uprising, January and February were relatively calm astrologically, the primary aspect a benign conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus (New growth and opportunities arise out of sudden breaks with the past). March and April will prove more frustrating as Jupiter opposes Saturn (Resistance to change). Then beginning in May, all through the end of the year into next year, Uranus and Pluto will bang heads in a square and things will get really “interesting,” the summer months particularly intense as the square becomes exact.

To end on something that may appear comical if it weren’t so pathetic… If you had any doubt that Charlie Sheen was bipolar you can lay them to rest. With his Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto, let’s just say he enjoys danger and is thoroughly at home on the “wild side.” However, the Sun, Uranus and Pluto are also opposed by Saturn, indicating a “father complex;” feeling held back or constrained to have to live up to his father’s/other male authority’s expectations. His Moon in Sagittarius is opposed by Jupiter, indicating a need to test limits, to live without boundaries. Thus, his psyche constant yo-yo’s between manic risk-taking and guilt-ridden, remorse-filled depression. He’s on a collision course, believing in his manic phase that he’s truly invincible.  The depressive phase would hold the potential for healing, but he never allows himself to feel vulnerable, constantly self-medicating with mood-enhancing substances. And we watch as he and Lindsay Lohan self-destruct on national media… And we put down poor Nero for fiddling while Rome burned!