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Is it just me or do you sense a serious disconnect between what we’re being told and what’s actually happening with regard to the economy? How can the economy be improving when unemployment hasn’t changed? Five people seek jobs for every one position advertised. Wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living; in those terms they are actually declining.  Consumer spending for April was flat. No big surprise there. The glimpse of recovery we have seen came from restocking depleted inventories and the temporary stimulus from Uncle Sam. I thought it might be time to revisit the U.S. chart.

The first thing I noticed was that on April 22nd transiting Jupiter (22 Pisces) moved into exact opposition to the U.S. Neptune (22 Virgo). Neptune is angular in the natal chart, meaning it is more likely to manifest. Jupiter is abundance; but also excess — like a flood. Neptune rules petroleum. Take a wild guess when the BP spill started? You got it, April 22nd.

The U.S. Progressed Moon is also very close to Neptune (21 Virgo). In the chart of nations the Moon rules the mood of the people. Moon/Neptune contacts speak of illusion and delusion. It almost goes without saying that the country is disillusioned with the way corporate greed has funneled vast sums of money to a miniscule elite while screwing the majority, especially the middle class.

Whether in the chart of a nation or an individual, Venus has jurisdiction over money and resources. The Second House shows what we earn by our own efforts; the Eighth what we inherit.

The primary influence to Venus in the U.S. chart (in the Eighth House natally, indicating luck with foreign investment) has been coming from Pluto in the Second. Pluto (in Capricorn) has been and will continue to oppose the U.S. Venus (in Cancer) until the beginning of next year, when it will begin an opposition to the U.S. Jupiter. Since Jupiter is the ruler of America’s chart, this is ominous, signaling deep disruption and disintegration of long-standing structures  of security (government, financial, religious) that are corrupt and have outlived their usefulness. (Pluto and Uranus were responsible for the upheaval of the 60’s.)

Pluto threatens stability. Simply put, everything we know is in the midst of seismic change. (On the subject of earthquakes, do you really buy that there’s no connection between Haiti, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia, Iceland, California/Mexico and Alaska? I don’t! As the solar system moves into alignment with the core of the galaxy (once every 26,000 years; exact on 12/21/12) invisible gravity waves that are generated by the huge black hole at the core are already bombarding us, causing genetic mutations as well as remarkable shifts in consciousness. Unless you are grounded by a serious spiritual practice, (The form doesn’t matter. It’s all about relationship with the Creator – however you perceive it) your psyche will not survive the transformation. I am not being melodramatic. People are already freaking out. They just don’t realize where it’s coming from.

Jupiter will begin to square the U.S. Venus on July 8th and then turn retrograde on this point. Thus, the square will pertain through the middle of February 2011. This is actually positive for the U.S. economy, as Jupiter offers growth and opportunity. However, with Saturn squaring Venus in August and September of this year, Jupiter’s promise is somewhat constrained.

In May of 2011 Uranus will begin squaring the U.S. Venus, all the way until January of 2013. Uranus is violent change. Think about the day the market dropped a thousand points in fifteen minutes and you’re beginning to get the picture – except this roller coaster ride will last over a year-and-a-half. Things are not getting better; they are in the midst of breaking down altogether. (I would be surprised if any of this comes as a surprise to any of you. It’s in the air. What we’re being fed on the media is basically just “Valium” for the masses.)

On a more benign level, have you noticed old friends from the past re-entering your life since the middle of April? This can be attributed to Jupiter (Opportunity) joining Uranus (Friendship) and opposite Saturn (Past). Jupiter and Uranus will leave Saturn behind and rejoin forces on June 8th at 1 degree Aries. The symbol for this degree is violent revolution. Watch the news around this date for events of an explosive, combustive nature.

This is a great time to make changes that involve risk and courage. Aries is the pioneer and the explorer. June is an optimum time to break free from constraints that no longer serve you. Change is dangerous, but now you have the courage to face your demons and forge ahead independently.