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“Critical Mass”

March 1, 2010

I have avoided sending this out, but the subject keeps coming up in private readings, so I’ve decided to say something—short, but unfortunately not so sweet. It has to do with the chart of the U.S. Most astrologers now accept the one with Sagittarius rising because it not only describes the national character, but the chart itself proved amazing accurate in the events surrounding 9/11.

America came into being with the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Cancer—all in the Eighth House of “Other People’s Money.” This describes a nation preoccupied with things like homeland security, tribal identity and foreign investment. No entity better embodies these things than modern corporations.

Pluto has jurisdiction over the processes of death, decay and transformation—absolutely vital in the life cycle whereby forms that have outlasted their usefulness fall apart, dissolve and change into new, reinvigorated forms. Being the furthest planet out from the Sun, Pluto moves very slowly, typically sitting on a point for two years or more.

In 2008 Pluto moved into Capricorn, beginning a long and relentless opposition to the U.S. Venus (2008-2010), Jupiter (2009-2011) and finally the Sun (2012-2014). Get the picture? If Pluto were only opposing the U.S. Venus (Money), we would have had a bad recession, followed by a gradual recovery. But that isn’t what’s happening. Pluto will go from opposing Venus to opposing Jupiter (The planet that rules the U.S. chart) and then advance on the U.S. Sun (The life force of any chart—individual or nation.)

So, what does this augur? The government as we know it is irrevocably broken. What we have basically is a corporation with two wings—Democratic and Republican—dedicated to one thing and one thing only:  Protecting the integrity of the corporation.

The Director of Consumer Affairs actually said on Bill Maher’s show this past Friday evening that the number of bank lobbyists in D.C. has quadrupled. She called it a “David and Goliath Scenario.” If this doesn’t describe a “form that has outlasted its usefulness” I don’t know what does!

What I am forecasting is collapse of the whole rotten thing. There, I said it. Interestingly, when Uranus shifts into Aries next year, it will begin squaring Pluto. Uranus is violent change. The last time these two got together was in the 60’s and that was by conjunction—far less violent than the upcoming square. I can promise you that much.

Poor President Obama. He means well. Unfortunately, I think Harry Reid hit the nail on the head when he said Obama would never have been elected if he were darker. The truth is a bitter pill. So, everyone just blamed Harry. But Obama (Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini, Aquarius rising) just doesn’t have the guts for real politics—which is nasty and dirty, like it or not. He so wants to be liked, and would much rather give speeches than do what’s necessary:  Tell the obstructionist Republicans to “Fuck off!” and whip his own party into shape. Make them do something. The last Democrat to do that was Lyndon Johnson. Ironically, what we really needed was “An Angry Black Man!” But it doesn’t matter. The forces of upheaval are advancing.

And to my clients back in Santa Fe who have wet dreams at the mere mention of the Dalai Lama, I say this:  Much as I respect him, what has he actually done for Tibet? He bailed on them, didn’t he? We have a word for that: “treason.” (The Dalai Lama is a Cancer. Think about the crab. Their only defense is retreat or non-engagement. He couldn’t help it. That’s his nature. But let us not forget that writing books from a monastery in Dharmsala is a luxury his fellow Tibetans do not have. How effective has he been? Someone eventually has to do the dirty work of dealing directly with the Chinese… Gandhi resisted non-violently. So did Martin Luther King.)

Getting back to the U.S. chart, the question naturally arises, “What do I do?” There is no universal answer. I advise people to listen within. What’s good for one person is not necessarily the answer for another. Some people will go down; others will be elevated. I do believe in my heart that we have finally reached critical mass. There is sufficient consciousness on this planet for positive transformation to unfold.

Anyone who has ever witnessed a birth will tell you it’s messy and violent and awesome. That’s what we are in for. Go on living… Make plans with the full expectation that your plans will change. Prepare to leave where you are at a moment’s notice. Live in the moment.